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Futari wa Pretty Anon [FwPA] was founded December 13th, 2008 by two /a/nons (Anon Black & Anon White) with the sole purpose of bringing quality manga to fans at an acceptable speed. Over the years we’ve seen many members come and go, and many different genres of series come through our hands. One thing’s for certain, though – scanlating is super fun and a great way to give back to the community we love.





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  1. Sk4835
    Sk4835 / 6-5-2017 / ·

    Wow, yea thank you all for your hard work for translating Jitsu wa watashi wa. Look forward to more chapters XD and enjoy every read!

  2. rail
    rail / 5-22-2015 / ·

    can i sugest kouya ni kemono doukokusu?? this is a pretty good manga and its over

  3. Arashimaru
    Arashimaru / 10-21-2013 / ·

    Just want to say thank you for all the efforts and high quality release that you guys put out every time. I’m following your ‘Ran and the Grey World’ release and so glad to be able read this amazing manga. Keep up the good work!

  4. Box!
    Box! / 4-16-2013 / ·

    You’re wonderful people

  5. Derp
    Derp / 4-13-2013 / ·

    I saw that you guys were translating Watashi ni xx Shinasai, but there hasn’t been an update for a while, so I was wondering if you guys had dropped it? It’s not listed in your current or old projects list so I was confused.

  6. Novella
    Novella / 4-3-2013 / ·

    I know you guys said no requests but I was wondering if you guys could give a look to the Synchronicity Doujinshi. It’s 16 pages long and has little dialogue. Also, since the creator upload it on her website the images are the best qualitie possible. Thank you anyways.

  7. Uzee
    Uzee / 11-10-2012 / ·

    Thank you for your great work on Nana to Kaoru! 🙂
    I see that you have a lot of other requests, but I’d like to give mine too, and if you have some spare time, maybe you can have a look at it – Yu-Gi-Oh! R
    The manga is 44 chapters but only up to chapter 23 have been translated. It finished in 2008 no one has translated the other 21 chapters 🙁

    1. Pretty Anon Staff
      Pretty Anon Staff / 11-11-2012 / ·

      Sorry, we’re not accepting requests right now, and we don’t really have an interest in Yu-Gi-Oh. Thanks for the comment, though!

  8. lucian4384
    lucian4384 / 7-25-2012 / ·

    Jusy wanted to say thank you~~~~!!!!!

  9. anonymous7629
    anonymous7629 / 5-17-2012 / ·

    Random Question: Where did you get the precure pics? they look really nice

    1. Pretty Anon Staff
      Pretty Anon Staff / 5-18-2012 / ·

      Most of them we found off of danbooru.

  10. Julissa Mendoza
    Julissa Mendoza / 3-2-2011 / ·

    are u guys going to do doki doki tama tan? i heard u were going to translate it

    1. Pretty Anon Staff
      Pretty Anon Staff / 3-4-2011 / ·

      We were; however, we haven’t heard from the other group in quite some time. At this moment we’re too busy working on other things to pick it up ourselves. The series is ended, or so we hear.

  11. Nida
    Nida / 2-3-2011 / ·

    Hey! So i just read the last ch of shugo chara encore and i was wondering what manga/anime the pairing you have on your banner is from?

    1. Pretty Anon Staff
      Pretty Anon Staff / 2-3-2011 / ·

      At the time of writing this comment, the characters on our banner are from Pretty Cure.

  12. Kairi
    Kairi / 1-31-2011 / ·

    What happened to Kamikami Kaeshi? Why does it only have 2 chapters?

    1. Pretty Anon Staff
      Pretty Anon Staff / 1-31-2011 / ·

      Please see our Projects page, thanks!

  13. jennifer
    jennifer / 12-6-2010 / ·

    I will love to translate some manga, I speak 3 languages. French, English, and spanish.

    1. Pretty Anon Staff
      Pretty Anon Staff / 12-6-2010 / ·

      We’re not looking for foreign-language translators as part of our group; however, if you’re part of another group (French/Spanish), then go ahead and translate it if you wish.

      Also, manga is only in Japanese, so if you can’t speak that, then it’s kind of pointless.

  14. Mackenzie
    Mackenzie / 11-12-2010 / ·

    Hi! So, um… I know that you guys have been doing the Zombie-Loan (by Peach-Pit) series. I was on Mangafox.com (like 5 months or so ago) and it says that the manga doesn’t exist/is not avalible. But is says that it’s also ongoing and that chap. 71 is coming out next, but you guys were up to chap. 75 before it sort of got all messed up? And no one else is/was as far as you guys on it.
    So I’m just wondering if you dropped it or something? Some people were saying it has something to do with mangafox’s site, but others say you dropped it… I just want to make sure, because I know that it continues far past chap. 75. 🙁 And I’ve been waiting for forever. lol
    I know you guys are busy, so if it was just too much work I get it. But I can’t find it anywhere else… all I find is the raws. It’s disapointing. lol

    1. Pretty Anon Staff
      Pretty Anon Staff / 11-12-2010 / ·

      We don’t translate Zombie Loan. We translated Shugo Chara, by the same manga-ka, but we did not translate Zombie Loan.

      You can find out who translates Zombie Loan on its database page, http://www.mangaupdates.com/series.html?id=2269 . As you can clearly see, we are not translating it.

      1. Mackenzie
        Mackenzie / 11-22-2010 / ·

        Oh! Oops. Lol Since you guys translate almost every manga I read, I guess I just thought you translated Zombie-Loan as well. Sorry for the mistake! 🙁

        1. Pretty Anon Staff
          Pretty Anon Staff / 11-23-2010 / ·

          It’s okay, don’t worry too much about it.

  15. miaka-cid
    miaka-cid / 10-24-2010 / ·

    Hello, we are a Spanish group Doujinshis translate Naruto, Bleach, Reborn, Hetalia, etc., called Naruto Couples.

    We would be interested if we can translate / edit the doujinshis Soul Eater ( Soul x Maka ) – Rendez vous pitch maneuve:02 Doujinshi Spanish. We will not remove the credits.

    1. Pretty Anon Staff
      Pretty Anon Staff / 10-25-2010 / ·

      That’s fine.

  16. boorin
    boorin / 9-10-2010 / ·

    hi, i can’t found raw tama hiyori chap 11,12:(
    so you give permission for re-traslate? or can you give me raw 2 chap, please?:)

    thanks you so much

    1. Pretty Anon Staff
      Pretty Anon Staff / 9-10-2010 / ·

      I don’t think we have the raws for Chapters 11 and 12. Go ahead and use our scans for translation with credit, please.

  17. kappiih
    kappiih / 8-4-2010 / ·

    Hi ! You give permission for re-traslate?
    Just a question! jehhehe
    Ahh your mangas are great!!!

    thans very much!!

    1. Pretty Anon Staff
      Pretty Anon Staff / 8-4-2010 / ·

      Yes, as long as you give us credit.

  18. Raven
    Raven / 7-1-2010 / ·

    i just read every post before mine, and i just wanted to complement you guys! its not every scannation group that reads, and answers all comments on their page!
    also, shugo chara encore has taken more than usual, have you guys dropped it? or is it simply that you are taking a break, or just have to much work?(you guys are human too after all!)

    i used to be part of a group that used to write fan fictions, and i know how much stress can build up when it becomes an obligation instead of a hobby. ^^

    1. Pretty Anon Staff
      Pretty Anon Staff / 7-6-2010 / ·

      Shugo Chara comes out beginning of August. It’s not released in Japan yet.

  19. Violet212
    Violet212 / 2-21-2010 / ·

    Hey! Could you guys translate “Heart no Kuni no Alice” the people who were translating it has dropped it so I was hoping you could pick up from where they left off

    1. Pretty Anon Staff
      Pretty Anon Staff / 2-21-2010 / ·

      Right now we are not picking up any new projects – we already have too many as it is.

  20. Joanne
    Joanne / 2-13-2010 / ·

    Hi! I’ve seen two people before me have already requested you awesome people to scanlate ARISA. xD Just to say thumbs-up to that, I hope you pick it up! (:

  21. Chibi
    Chibi / 2-10-2010 / ·

    When you guys have some time, could you consider the manga Yumeiro Pâtissière (if raws can be found, of course)? With the appearence of the anime, it’s gaining in popularity, but as of yet no group has picked the manga up.

    1. Kiseki
      Kiseki / 3-15-2010 / ·



  22. Sakumoon
    Sakumoon / 1-30-2010 / ·

    hey there I have a question about you 🙂
    Do you have a license to upload the manga on internet?
    Is it legall to do that?
    or do you pay money to “use” the mangas ?

    hope you help me 🙂


    1. Pretty Anon Staff
      Pretty Anon Staff / 1-31-2010 / ·

      No, we don’t have a license.
      It’s not so legal to do so.
      But it helps promote the popularity of the manga, and we urge people to buy the English volumes. (Most of the time.)
      And, as long as we’re not profiting, there’s not that big of a problem.

  23. no_name
    no_name / 1-8-2010 / ·

    hey can u guys take a look at the melachony of haruhi suzumiya? No groups are scanlating that manga and i really want to read it.

    1. Pretty Anon Staff
      Pretty Anon Staff / 1-10-2010 / ·

      The manga is licensed right now; we have no scans, either.

      1. no_name
        no_name / 1-15-2010 / ·

        that’s too bad… I live in Malaysia and there is no way i can find that manga on sale. Guess I can’t read every manga. Thanks for telling me.

  24. Trinity
    Trinity / 12-30-2009 / ·

    Hey! I was just wondering if you would be able to look into the manga called ARISA by Ando Natsumi. The original scanlators, Nagareboshi, dropped it because it was liscenced by Del Ray Manga, so… If you’re no overcrowded with manga, could you please try and scanlate it? Please?

    [ en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arisa_(manga) ]

    1. Pretty Anon Staff
      Pretty Anon Staff / 12-31-2009 / ·

      As of now, it’s on our possible to-do list, but there are a few more doujinshi and another manga that needs our attention right now. Unless another group picks it up, we’ll try.

      1. Trinity
        Trinity / 1-20-2010 / ·

        Thank you! ^_^ If I recall correctly, after Nagareboshi Manga dropped it, AnimangaCafe picked it up, but then they, too, dropped it, and Cookie-Dough thinks and it’s because of a lack of RAWs. They finished translating chapter 11 and now we’re up to chapter 12, and I think you might be able to request RAWs and Cookie-Dough’s site:


  25. dcscandal
    dcscandal / 12-12-2009 / ·

    Hi. I´d like to know if you could translate the manga Yami to boushi to hon no tabibito. It was being released by The Waffle House, but they´ve dropped it in the third chapter and I think that web doesn´t work anymore. I have the raws in case you do it, but no idea about if that´s japanese, chinese or what ;(
    Thanks 😉

    1. Pretty Anon Staff
      Pretty Anon Staff / 12-12-2009 / ·

      If you send us scans, we can take a look.

      1. dcscandal
        dcscandal / 12-13-2009 / ·

        Ok. Because of the size of the file (56,6Mb) I have to send it in 6 parts. But hotmail only lets me to add 10 Mb in each e-mail so I should send you 6 emails with one part in each one : ( Would taht be a problem? I´ve been trying to find a link or something on the web to make it easier but I´ve found nothing. Sorry.
        If you tell me it´s ok then I´ll send it you by e-mail.
        Thanks again

  26. anonymous4141
    anonymous4141 / 11-21-2009 / ·

    There’s this manga I’m addicted to right now. It’s entitled “Crazy for you” by Shiina Karuho. [I’m a fan]

    The translation wasn’t completed though it’s only missing a few chapters. It ended in volume 6. The raws could be downloaded here. http://www.badongo.com/cfile/11169806


  27. NellBell
    NellBell / 10-29-2009 / ·

    Ok yeah i totally checked out the site with the chinese scans and sutff….i looks cool but dude WHERE IS IMMORTAL RAIN!?

    I Am not tech. savy yo


  28. Nik
    Nik / 10-5-2009 / ·

    On your recent Shugo Chara scans of Ch. 45, you guys had a picture with some text saying for fans to buy the Japanese only releases of the SC manga and DVDs. Why is that?

    1. Pretty Anon Staff
      Pretty Anon Staff / 10-5-2009 / ·

      The official English releases from Del Ray are horrible. Their translations are consistently incorrect (“Black Lynx” was translated as “Black Links” and “Dia” is translated as “Diamond”) and their editing is almost always off.

      Crunchyroll used to be a good, free site that supported fansubs, but now is driving fansubs out of the fandom and charging fans money for an ~okay~ job with anime fansubs. Moreover, the fanbase eats their crap up and buys into (literally) their moneymaking schemes.

  29. cookie_dou
    cookie_dou / 9-28-2009 / ·

    Heya! just to let you know (in case you are interested in picking it up) Nagareboshi have dropped the shoujo title ARISA.

    not that I am pressurizing you into taking more projects >.< But just in case you were interested in more Nakayoshi projects~

    1. Pretty Anon Staff
      Pretty Anon Staff / 9-29-2009 / ·

      (Black) I read through a few chapters of that. If nobody else is doing it, then I guess we could look into it. It’d only be one more.

      Of course, we’re still working on Doki Doki Tama-tan, but once a month wouldn’t be bad. How far are they into it?

      1. cookie_dou
        cookie_dou / 9-30-2009 / ·

        Nagareboshi are going to release one more chapter (chapter 9, from Issue 10 of Nakayaoshi) So it would be from Issue 11’s Nakayoshi. There aren’t many other groups that handle the Nakayoshi manga series, so it would surprise me if another group had already picked it up ^^;

        Since the first chapter of Tama-tan isn’t even out yet (u_u) It’s not as urgent to work on it (I guess), I have translated and scanned up to chapter 8… but hopefully once the first chapter is out things will speed up a bit.

        1. Pretty Anon Staff
          Pretty Anon Staff / 9-30-2009 / ·

          Issue 11 comes out this month, doesn’t it? Then it would be relatively easy to translate and work on it while we wait for Nagareboshi. Just in case, we’ll email Nagareboshi before them to make sure that we won’t get owned like we did last time.

          Tama-tan has been sitting around completely cleaned but not typeset.

          1. Trinity
            Trinity / 1-20-2010 / ·

            If I’m sure, AnimangaCafe released Chapter 10 and 11 already, so I think Chapter 12 needs scanlating right now.

  30. Karen
    Karen / 8-15-2009 / ·

    I was wondering if you would be able to translate the manga series: “Faster than a Kiss”. The RAWs are out all the way to chapter 27 but the english versions are only up to chapter 12. It would be great if you can! Thanks! =D

    1. Pretty Anon Staff
      Pretty Anon Staff / 8-16-2009 / ·

      (Black) I’ve been following “Kiss yori hayaku!” for a while, and it looks like the group who is doing it is pretty determined on getting the chapters out. We’re already pretty busy with some new projects, and couldn’t pick it up anyways; plus we wouldn’t want to get in that group’s way.

      Once we catch up with some of our main projects, then we’ll take a look at what we have and see if we want to pick it up – if so, we’ll be sure to talk it over with the main group doing “Faster than a Kiss”.

      1. Karen
        Karen / 8-18-2009 / ·

        Oh, thanks! =)

  31. anonymous4141
    anonymous4141 / 8-15-2009 / ·

    I would like pretty anon to translate this manga entitled “Kimi ni Todoke”. I found raw scans but the language was chinese. I hope you can help. This is the link for the scans: http://comic.sky-fire.com/HTML/HXGSN/ thanks!

    1. Pretty Anon Staff
      Pretty Anon Staff / 8-16-2009 / ·

      Unfortunately, we can’t translate anything that’s not in Japanese. Also, right now, we’re getting busy with a few new main projects, so we highly doubt we’ll be able to get on it. But if you find Japanese raws, then we’ll certainly take a look at it.

      1. anonymous4141
        anonymous4141 / 8-20-2009 / ·

        it’s okay.

  32. keirapop
    keirapop / 6-13-2009 / ·

    Hey would you guys have a look at immortal rain volume 9? Many people have been waiting for a long time and it came out in septemeber last year. No one is translaing it. Hope you have a look a it. :3

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