Dropped Projects

Dropped Projects

We’ve posted about it on various places, and most people have figured it out already, but we are officially dropping the following series for the following reasons:

  • Aku no Hana: not enough staff, losing interest
  • Nana to Kaoru: losing interest, not enough time
  • Koe no Katachi: not enough time, don’t want to risk legal action
  • Ano Ko no Ie: no raws, losing interest

Fortunately, dropping all these series has given us enough time to really enjoy the work we’re doing on new series like Reiroukan, which has been on the backlog since September. It should also mean quicker releases of our other monthly series.

We’d like to thank everyone who supported our releases of the above series throughout the months or years we’ve dedicated to them! It was fun bringing those series to you while it lasted, but it’s time for us to move on to greener pastures.

Of course, anyone who would like to pick these series up is more than welcome to do so without asking our permission.