Mediafire Dead; Tweaking Distro

Mediafire Dead; Tweaking Distro

For the second time, our Mediafire’s been nuked.

And it wasn’t even our fault this time — apparently “Everyday Monster Girls” is close enough to “HBO’S GIRLS” that we got DMCA’d for it. And with the account suspended, there’s nothing we can do to appeal.

Instead of opening a new account and trying to reupload everything and adjust links on the website, we’ve decided to switch our distribution to XDCC download only.

XDCC, if you haven’t used it, is a method of downloading through an IRC client. We’ve had an IRC channel for years, and you can find our staff and friends hanging out in there pretty much 24-7. Our XDCC bot’s been up for about a year or so, thanks to Ashido, and it’s easy to figure out.

Our packlist is available here.

Grab an IRC client. There’s a good list of Windows ones here. Mac ones can be found here. (AB recommends Colloquy.)


Type !list to get a list of XDCC download instructions from our bot, Perrin.

If you’re still confused or not sure, our releases will most likely be available on Madokami for download shortly after we release, and you can always find them on Batoto or your favorite reader site within a few hours.

Release posts will now follow the format “To download, ask for the pack !ih25”.

We’ll be around to answer any questions you may have about the move.

And as always, feel free to stick around in IRC to shitpost talk with our staff!