Recruiting Cleaners & Typesetters

Recruiting Cleaners & Typesetters

We’re looking for cleaners and typesetters for the following series:

  • Bird Café
  • Centaur’s Worries
  • Kounodori 
  • Dr. Hitomi’s Infirmary (cleaner only)
  • Immortal Hounds (cleaner only)

…and more, depending on the availability of our other staff members.

Experience is welcome, but not necessary. We’re willing to train cleaners and typesetters (per the guide on our website), however, expect to put in a lot of work if you’re 100% new.

We’re looking for someone who can ideally clean or typeset at least one chapter a week.

Anyone interested can check out our recruitment page , or send an email to . Samples are welcome but not necessary.

Thanks, everyone!