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  1. Rini
    Rini / 1-29-2017 / ·

    Hi!! i was reading really old gundam 00 doujinshi (locktie) and noticed that the most doujinshis of my collection were scaned/translated by you guys…so I wander If you have an archive or something with all the gundam 00 dj that you translated, because I don’t hace enough jajajaja.

    Thank you very much!!! 😉

    1. Tarage (T)
      Tarage (T) / 1-30-2017 / ·


  2. ElitEnd07
    ElitEnd07 / 11-23-2016 / ·

    Can you please releasse Hitomi Sensei again

    1. Tarage (T)
      Tarage (T) / 11-23-2016 / ·


  3. Freshcake
    Freshcake / 9-8-2016 / ·

    Hello, are you still doing Centaur’s Worries?

    1. Tarage (T)
      Tarage (T) / 9-10-2016 / ·


  4. Mew
    Mew / 10-7-2014 / ·

    Are you guys still gonna translate shugo chara doujinshi or decided to drop this project?

  5. Tsukumo Yuma
    Tsukumo Yuma / 6-17-2014 / ·

    Are you guys still doing Chibisan Date?

  6. Redwarlock
    Redwarlock / 10-20-2013 / ·

    Seems that the mediafire link for Centaur’s Worries Volumea 1 & 2 is dead.

  7. Pi-chu
    Pi-chu / 8-29-2013 / ·

    Greetings and my deepest gratitude to all the sexy Pretty Anon staff who worked on the releases!!! I was lucky enough to stumble across “I Can’t Tell Anyone” and “Femme Fatale” and completely fell in love with Shigisawa Kaya sensei’s work. (You guys did an AWESOME scanlation job!!) I was wondering if you lovely ladies (and maybe gentlemen) here at Futari wa Pretty Anon would be interested in scanlating some of Shigisawa sensei’s other works? Please take and look at “Hakobune no Yukue” and see if the team might be interested in it. You can find the raws here:

    “Mihitsu no Koi” also looks pretty good (I’m just taking a guess judging by the smutty cover, because how else would you judge a book by!?!) I’m having a hard time finding the raws for “Mihitsu no Koi” but I will gladly scan it myself if the team is up for it!!!

  8. cjay
    cjay / 5-29-2013 / ·

    are you guys still doing Photo Kano Sweet Snap?’s been a while since the last chapter

  9. blank
    blank / 4-24-2013 / ·

    What happened to Monster Musume?

  10. Verthragna
    Verthragna / 4-14-2013 / ·

    What happened to Watashi ni xx Shinasai?

  11. Alex
    Alex / 4-1-2013 / ·

    Angel Onayami Soudanjo releases link is the same as Kamikami Kaeshi’s.

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