Join Pretty Anon


We’re looking for upbeat, dedicated manga fans who want to give back to the community.

Futari wa Pretty Anon works on a tight schedule. There may be two or three weeks where there isn’t much to do, but when one of our scheduled series comes out, we spend a lot of time working in order to get a great quality release out in minimal time. We strive to maintain a good balance between “speed scanlations” and “quality scanlations”, delivering the best of both worlds to many eager fanbases.

Our staff members are all given access to our Dropbox, where we keep all of our raws, translations, and current cleaning and typesetting work. Members are allowed to sign up for whatever project they’d like to do, and are then responsible to get the work done. A lot of communication goes on in our IRC channel, where members discuss schedules and talk about their progress.

Pretty Anon staff members are well-respected and appreciated for their efforts, both from fellow staff members, and our fans. As a scanlator, you’ll be happy to know that the work you’re doing has a huge impact on the anime and manga community. The chapters we release will be read not just by the thousands of people who download it on our site today, but also by the thousands more who find it across the internet in the weeks to come.

Ideally, we’re looking for someone who:

  • has a lot of free time, or is willing to dedicate their free time to a project
  • is comfortable working independently
  • will lurk in IRC and will communicate frequently with staff
  • is a fan of one or more of our current projects

Requirements for specific positions are as follows.


While we’re not looking for translators right now, we’re always open to having one more on the team for some of our smaller projects!

If you’re applying to be a translator, you should:

  • have taken at least two~three years of Japanese classes or equivalent JLPT (3 or higher)
  • feel comfortable using dictionaries to assist you in your translation
  • work in a timely manner
  • be open-minded and eager to hone your translation skills further

Previous translation experience is not necessary, but is always helpful.
All translators applying will be given a short, timed translation test to verify their ability.

If you’re interested in applying, please join us in IRC: .

Cleaner / Redrawer

We are looking for one or two additional cleaners, in order to pick up an extra series or two.

If you’re applying to be a cleaner, you should:

  • use Photoshop (or an equivalent program that saves in .psd)
  • be able to clean up raw scan images
  • feel comfortable using the clone stamp tool
  • communicate with typesetters and translators on what does and doesn’t need to be cleaned

Prospective redrawers should have prior experience or expertise in redrawing. Unfortunately, we cannot train new redrawers.

Previous cleaning experience is not necessary, but is recommended.

If you’re interested in applying, please join us in IRC: .


We are in dire need of a typesetter for multiple series! 

If you’re applying to be a typesetter, you should:

  • use Photoshop or an equivalent program that saves in .psd
  • feel comfortable using multiple fonts
  • be able to center text and line it properly
  • follow the standards as prescribed in our Typesetting Guide

Cleaning experience, and previous typesetting experience, is not necessary, but is recommended. Typesetters will most likely get some form of cleaning training.

If you’re interested in applying, please join us in IRC: .

Quality Checker

We are looking for quality checkers to read both translations and prerelease versions of chapters.

If you’re applying to be a quality checker, you should:

  • speak English as a first language
  • be comfortable with rewording phrases and jokes to be more acceptable in English
  • be prepared to work closely with the monthly release schedule
  • have a sharp eye for errors and missing elements

Quality checkers will take a short quality check test to prove their worth.

If you’re interested in applying, please join us in IRC: .