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  1. Nicole
    Nicole / 4-24-2018 / ·

    This is an absolutely incredible guide! I tried making one up yeeaaaars and years ago just for dialogue fonts, but to see so many here at once… Goodness gracious. What a fantastic resource.

    Thank you so much!

  2. Marigold
    Marigold / 1-27-2016 / ·

    Thank you so much for the font lists. I am doing my own little project after learning the basics of cleaning and typesetting. But, the choices of fonts to use for the different types in the manga, I find sometimes overwhelming. I wonder if you could give me a recommendation of one or two that might work with this situation. One character is whispering in anothers ear. The character is the student council president and high class but also sinister. For the scared replies from the other student, I used “write like jesse” and I think it looks good. But, some other neat handwriting fonts I’ve used don’t seem to convey the prez’s emotion during these scenes. I’ve been using Anime Ace for normal conversations. Any thoughts?

  3. Mitsuru-kun
    Mitsuru-kun / 3-2-2015 / ·

    Awesome, thanks for the guides!

  4. Skeletonsnax
    Skeletonsnax / 7-28-2014 / ·

    I’ll be frank, would you be able to tell me where you found Sans Sanity (font) at?

  5. Carlos
    Carlos / 10-17-2013 / ·

    Do you take paid jobs? I need translators for a manga. Thank you.

  6. notsoanonymous
    notsoanonymous / 10-11-2013 / ·

    Where’s the download button?

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