Typesetting 303: Detailed Placement


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  1. Takoplex
    Takoplex / 5-29-2015 / ·

    Rasterizing text and erasing it is a pretty silly method to use.

    Do it like this instead:
    – clean the bubble
    – input, center the text
    – select the area which will be covering the text with Magnetic Lasso(good for bubbles)
    – Layer via Copy
    – in the layer menu, drag the newly created layer just above the text layer
    – voila

    1. sonikkuso
      sonikkuso / 7-8-2015 / ·

      instead of rasterizing and erasing, or copying layers or doing all sorts of silly unnecessary things, just apply a layer mask to the type, click on the layer mask, paint over the overlapping bubble with a black brush where it should be masked, and then press the little chain link between the layer and the layer mask thumbnails in your layers panel. the type layer is now unlinked from the mask and can be repositioned without moving the mask with it.

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