Typesetting PSA: Translator’s Notes


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  1. wew
    wew / 8-26-2017 / ·

    Well said

  2. ububu
    ububu / 6-7-2015 / ·

    i want to slap this very guide to some BL scanlators so bad… :> GJ FwPA!

  3. Rhine
    Rhine / 4-25-2015 / ·

    Your work ethic as a scanlating translator is admirable. Even though scanlators are often manga fans who simply want to share the manga they love, there is a sense of professionalism that can exist in this world through helping create a more well rounded reading experience for optimal enjoyment (leaving all commentaries at the door).

  4. Godric kharg
    Godric kharg / 2-23-2015 / ·

    Actually having read a fair portion, I enjoy some of the grammar knowledge. It helps me understand what they are trying to put across. Is it overdone? Definately. I hate exiting a manga, to google a term while spelling the more complex ones to understand the “what” is being said. Like arigatou. There are a host of others I don’t mind. True, a terminology page at the begining of each volume would work too.

    Just saying it helped me immerse deeper.

    And thank you, I always hated the snide comment notes…

    Yes, we know she has big jugs.. Etc etc..

  5. Kairu
    Kairu / 10-30-2014 / ·

    another translation notes that should we avoid:

    Character: We must ganbatte!
    T/N: “Ganbatte” means “Try our best”.

    Character: Arigatou, xx-san!
    T/N: “Arigatou” means “Thank you”.

    I mean,what the heck?! It’s just too pointless. This isn’t a Japanese grammar teaching book. And those aren’t cultural notes/references/puns at all. Just translate it directly in the speech without making translation notes.
    Sadly,I’ve seen people doing them.

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