Scanlator’s Guide to Translation

Scanlator’s Guide to Translation

by AnonBlack

A guide that takes translation theory and applies it to difficulties manga translators face.

Puns, Wordplay, and Equivalence

Splitting Sentences & Sounding Natural

The Many Faces of Katakana

The Fine Line of Localization

Extra: Translator’s Notes

5 Responses

  1. blackbird
    blackbird / 11-10-2016 / ·

    i wanna translate.

    1. Tarage (T)
      Tarage (T) / 11-16-2016 / ·

      Hi there. Unfortunately we’re not looking for a translator at the moment, nor are we looking to pick up any new projects. You may want to try with a different group. Can I recommend TSP?

    2. Akaryuu
      Akaryuu / 1-4-2017 / ·

      Hi Tarage (T), can you help me find a translator?
      I have tried to find help on different scans but none seems to have the provision. Do you know somebody who can help me? If that person want to take some projects it doesn’t matter for me, as long as he is willing to help us. Chinese-to-english or Japanese-to-english translator, Tarage (T), please help me finding this person…

      1. Tarage (T)
        Tarage (T) / 1-5-2017 / ·

        You are asking the wrong people.

        1. Akaryuu
          Akaryuu / 1-5-2017 / ·

          Okay :’v

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