Semi-Hiatus (Affected Series: IH, Hitomi, Kouno)

Semi-Hiatus (Affected Series: IH, Hitomi, Kouno)

Due to AB’s crazy schedule, she will be stepping down as head translator until the end of May.


The following series will be on hiatus until her return:

  • Immortal Hounds
  • Nurse Hitomi’s Infirmary
  • Kounodori

If you’re another group and would like to help out or pick up one of these series, we already have all the raws and cleans. Please contact us via IRC for access. If you don’t want them and want to do your own thing, knock yourself out.

If you’re a translator who’s into these series and wants to help us, please contact AB at , and she’ll point you in the right direction.

AnonBlack will return after writing her thesis and finishing her MA in Translation program. Thanks for all your support these last seven years! I’ll be back end of May!