Shugo Chara Chapter 39 + Website Issues

Volume 10 Chapter 39


God dammit, WordPress!

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Website Issues

(Anon Black)

April Fools!

Sorry everyone, we couldn’t help it. It was too perfect a date to leave alone. 🙂

That being said, we do have a contest!

April Fool’s Chapter Joke Recognition Contest

How to Participate:

1. Download and read the April Fool’s “Shugo Chara Chapter 39.1” package.

2. Read the credits page. There are a total of 10 references pointed out!

3. Number the answers to the references by page number and send them in to . If you spot a reference that isn’t on the credits page, feel free to put it on there! You may get bonus points!

4. Whoever gets the most references wins a shiny omake page from the next chapter, with the pairing / text of their choice!

The REAL Chapter 39

It should be out by Saturday or Sunday, but definitely by Sunday morning. As of this post, we are translating the Baidu raws, and waiting for decent raws from our other scan providers. Once again, any help you guys can give us is greatly appreciated!